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Trusted coach, mentor and advisor

"If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together"

African Proverb

IECL Certified Coach

“Jason holds space for people and asks great questions."

“Explorative style with no judgement and helped me think about things in a different way.”

“Jason was a good sounding board and it was useful to be able to discuss challenges and obtain his feedback on how to approach. He sent me some good links to articles and was able to talk to some of the research behind his ideas.”

“Jason’s adaptiveness, responsiveness and constructive suggestions.”

“Encouragement to define and hold my boundaries and to be confident in giving feedback to exec.”

“Supportive brainstorming to move towards goals and to delegate.”

“Jason not giving advice but instead leading towards answers that we have to make ourselves. Good self reflection and perspective on a situation where we might have tunnel vision.”

- the above was feedback from participants at the end of a year-long leadership program, in response to the question “What aspect of the coaching sessions did you get the most out of?”  All program participants were employees of a social welfare organisation.

“Jason was engaged as a Strategic Technology Consultant for The Sisters of Saint Joseph (SOSJ) and recruited me as their inaugural IT Manager, and first internal IT resource of any kind.  The IT environment had been left in a shambles and Jason led the way in identifying a number of measures to get SOSJ’s IT environment back on track while I came up to speed.  
His knowledge of technology, collaboration, organisational transformation, and leadership was something to be admired.  It was especially beneficial for me to see Jason’s skills first-hand as I was navigating my first IT Manager role.  His expert tutelage was instrumental for me to quickly learn additional skills I needed to navigate the world of IT Management.
In my 20+ years in different IT roles and organisations I can safely say Jason is hands-down the best IT mentor, leader, and coach that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.”

- technology manager, religious organisation

"Jason and I worked closely together at MAAS on a range of strategic and transformative projects.  Jason brought tremendous coaching, mentoring and leadership skills to the role and assisted staff with a diversity of technical skills through an extremely busy, stressful but ultimately successful period of work that has enabled the staff at the Museum to work in new ways with renewed purpose."

- technology executive client, state government cultural institution

"I started reporting to Jason at Australian Museum, when the Online team I worked in was merged with the IT team he was already managing. Under Jason’s coaching, our new team quickly developed a collaborative and productive environment to work in. I enjoyed Jason’s practical and encouraging approach to management. He trusted me to deliver on my responsibilities and like all good managers, he didn’t just direct, he also listened. He also took a genuine interest in my career development and was there for advice, which I really appreciated. I would definitely recommend Jason as a manager, business coach or mentor."

- direct report, state government cultural institution

"Jason was my manager and mentor at the Australian Museum. He provided me with guidance, support and plenty of space to think on my own to successfully implement several IT projects. Jason's intellect, articulation and practical know-how are a great competitive advantage to an organisation and those who work closely with him. "


- direct report, state government cultural institution

"As an IT Manager, Jason always brought a positive can do attitude to the team. I always knew that I had his backing and support when things got tough and would always feel appreciated when working day to day. 
Jason was able to make me feel more confident in my work knowing that I had his knowledge and professionalism to count on when needed.  I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Jason to any future roles, as any employee would be lucky to have Jason as a leader and mentor."

- direct report, state government cultural institution

"In our relationship as co-operative work colleagues there have been many occasions that Jason has provided responsive advice about work situations. The method and practice for this advice often would have fitted into the definition of coaching for business success. 
While employed at the Australian Museum, I got to observe carefully the great effort Jason always placed into building a cohesive team of people while also encouraging individuals to perform at their best so as to achieve excellence in the workplace. The time that Jason was willing to invest into advising and guiding individuals was obvious. Jason was a willing and interested mentor to both his direct and in-direct reporting positions. This genuine interest in seeing individuals aspire to perform better than they currently were, combined with encouraging that achievement, is probably the best indication of Jason's mentoring abilities. 
The advice and support Jason provided certainly assisted to empower me to get some major transformational projects commenced and going in the time I was employed at the Australian Museum."

- direct report, state government cultural institution

"Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked under Jason at the Australian Museum. 
He gave us short lectures on ITIL and taught us how to put it in to practice. This was really helpful working as a Helpdesk Coordinator and is still helping me in the current job."

- direct report, state government cultural institution

"I have known Jason for over 6 years in a professional and personal capacity and I have no hesitation in recommending Jason to any prospective employer. Jason has a rare and highly valued mix of professionalism, intellect, expert technical and project management capabilities, combined with a natural and inspiring leadership and management style. 
As a direct report, Jason shows initiative, openness and support, and achieves without fail on his key objectives, while managing and developing his own staff with skill and emotional intelligence. As a member of your team, Jason delivers, works collaboratively, challenges the group and motivates those around him.   As an individual, Jason is the kind of guy you want to have around."

- supervising director, global NGO (humanitarian aid)



"Jason is smart, business savvy, passionate, loyal, customer focused, and very professional about delivering the best solutions and services to his clients, team and his company and from his vendors. 
Jason is also very friendly, generous, helpful, cheerful and very supportive to anyone who seeks his help, whether at work, with customers, or anyone he meets. 
I have known Jason for three years and I know for certain he brings these same qualities and professionalism to anything he sets out to do and highly recommend him to anyone who seeks his services"

- peer manager, global NGO (humanitarian aid)

"Jason is an intelligent, articulate and highly capable technical professional who is able to build rapport with many people really quickly. 
He is very passionate about helping and developing people professionally and personally whether it's in the office, on the sports fields or the streets. 
He has excellent verbal and written communication skills. His planning and organisation skills are exemplary. 
I would highly recommend Jason to any organisations or corporations who seek a talented technology professional who wishes to make a difference to the people he leads and to the organisation he works for."

- peer manager, postgraduate education institution

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