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"People don't buy WHAT you do, they buy WHY you do it"

Simon Sinek

Too many organisations are struggling to provide a positive technology experience for their staff and customers, let alone delivering the transformational ICT & digital projects that are supposed to lead to this.  However, the problem doesn't always lie with poorly defined projects nor misaligned technology roadmaps, but in their technology teams' capacity and capability to deliver.

Many digital, technology and ICT teams are still operating according to traditional resourcing models that hamper collaboration (and therefore innovation) and exacerbate silo behaviours, as disparate teams engage in a tug-of-war over digital kudos.


Tyger Technology Leadership can review your existing technology team(s) structure, assess its alignment with appropriate technology skills frameworks (e.g. SFIA) and help you make the required design changes: from writing new position descriptions through to the entire recruitment process.  So that you have the right mix of technology leadership and skills to optimise service delivery for your organisation.

Tyger Technology Leadership can also review digital & ICT strategic roadmaps and project portfolios to provide expert advice and recommendations so that your technology investment is delivering impactful business outcomes.  If you need help creating a strategy or project plan, Tyger can do that too!

If you need assistance with specific projects or technology domains, Tyger has deep experience with:

  • cybersecurity and information management policy, process and projects definition and/or refinement,

  • development of disaster recovery, incident response and business continuity plans,

  • sourcing, implementing and fine-tuning CRM systems,

  • database management and data extraction, transformation and report writing,

  • document and print services management services implementation,

  • migration from workplace office productivity software (e.g. Microsoft Office) to, or implementation of, cloud-based collaboration technology (e.g. Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace).

Contact Tyger now to ignite your technology leadership evolution

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