Tyger Technology Leadership was created by Jason Wong to help technology professionals become the visionary leaders that their organisations need them to be in this digitally disruptive age.

Drawing on his years of senior technology leadership & transformation experience and as a certified executive & organisational coach, Jason is passionate about developing technology professionals of the future:

Technology professionals who take a creative, innovative and people-centric approach to the use of technology in their organisations, allowing them to enact meaningful change.


In September 2020, Jason was selected as a kindness coach for Bambuddha - a social enterprise that provides a leadership development community for Game Changers dedicated to Working Hard (Bam) and Working Kind (Buddha).  Jason works with Bambuddha members to re-establish kindness as a business advantage; working with them to discover their purpose and their core values, conquer business challenges, contribute to a kinder business model and be optimistic toward their personal and professional goals.


The "Tyger" in Tyger Technology Leadership was inspired by the first line of William Blake's poem "The Tyger": "Tyger Tyger, burning bright".

The key outcome of an engagement with Tyger Technology Leadership is that your technology teams and leadership will "burn bright" for your organisations: delivering technology strategies, projects and operations that have real positive impact on customers and audiences, internal and external.

IECL Certified Coach


Burning Bright
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