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Professional and Personal Development

"Daring leaders work to make sure people can be themselves and feel a sense of belonging.”

Brené Brown

IECL Certified Coach

Working as a technology leader is extremely rewarding but is becoming more and more complex as the world increasingly relies on technology for EVERYTHING.  Consequently, the average technology professional is grappling with burgeoning workloads across an ever-broadening range of technology functions.


To overcome these challenges, technology leaders need to leverage less of their technical skills and more of their non-technical skills:


  • leadership,

  • relationship building,

  • interpersonal communication,

  • customer service,

  • innovation and

  • strategic influence.


There is a lot of great high-quality information on all of these topics which offer significant 'food-for-thought' for those that have time to read, reflect on and apply them.

However, successful adoption and effective use of soft skills is greatly enhanced by a personal guide -  to provide informed alternative perspectives, energy & support to keep going, strategies to overcome obstacles and techniques to fast-track progress.  A technology coach/mentor is mandatory if you are to reach the goals and achieve the success that you work so hard for, yet still seem so far away.


Are you being challenged by any of the following? Then let Tyger help you cut through the complexity and allow you to surpass everyone's expectations (including your own) via a customised coaching and mentoring program, unique to you, your team, your organisation and your challenges.


  • Digital Transformation

    • understanding it and then embracing & leading it

    • Building high-performing teams with the right mix of skills for the digital age

    • Dealing with shadow IT and the increasing digital literacy of staff and customers

    • Ensuring the right level of involvement in all technology projects

  • Strategic business partnering

    • Developing digital/ICT/technology strategies and roadmaps

    • Developing highly-collaborative working relationships with peers (tech and non-tech)

    • Gaining senior executive buy-in for technology initiatives

    • Creating a better working relationship with your manager

    • Developing proposals for additional and/or alternative resources (both human and financial)

    • Financial management - procurement, budgeting and forecasting

  • Career progression

    • Finding time to develop a career development plan, including working towards a more senior position

    • Finding time to investigate further study options for up-to-date skills development

  • Visionary technology leadership

    • Staying up-to-date with technology trends and understanding their implications for your organisation

    • Enhancing you and your team's reputation across the organisation

    • Effective management of time, overwhelming workloads and a never-ending to-do list

What do I aim for in my coaching?


  • I see coaching as a transformational partnership​​:

    • where we work collaboratively and creatively to transform you (and the way that you achieve your goals) so that you can transform your team, your organisation and even your sector. 

  • As a coach I’ll encourage you to look at issues from multiple perspectives;

    • but help you to quickly identify focus areas that we can concentrate on in our sessions.

  • I’ll challenge you to try new ways of thinking and give you honest feedback and much to reflect on between sessions;

    • because I'm really keen to see you innovate and exceed everyone’s expectations, especially your own.

  • We’ll use your strengths as a high performer and your passion for achieving and combine that with:

    • my technology leadership and strategic executive experience and my passion for seeing you succeed;

    • to create an awesome partnership that will see you achieve goals that are meaningful, fulfilling and purposeful. 

IECL Certified Coach

Contact Tyger now to ignite your technology leadership evolution

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