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"No-one wants to hear everything that’s in your head. They just want you to live up to what comes out of your mouth."

Adam Grant

Being an impactful and purposeful tech leader is not just about being the 'smartest person in the room'.  Your tech leaders' technical expertise has only taken them part of the way along their journey to being leaders.  Their attributes of collaboration, communication, adaptability, innovation, empathy and resilience have also been significant factors in why they are now (or are soon to be) in tech leadership roles.

Tyger Tech Leaders Workshops give your tech leaders the skills, tools and confidence to amplify their leadership traits, to inspire and motivate 'followers' and to contribute positively to all stakeholders that they deal with.

Tyger Tech Leaders Workshops will provide to participants:

  • a deeper understanding of leadership, and how it is different to management,

  • a guide to creating an engaged and inclusive team culture,

  • skills and techniques for respectfully challenging competing perspectives,

  • effective strategies for internal and external communications,

  • approaches to balancing innovation & strategic thinking with staying on top of operations.


Each workshop will be tailored to your unique team and organisation but content will typically include:


  • the evolution of leadership and leadership styles

  • leading in multiple directions

  • tech-specific leadership

  • building and maintaining a great team culture

  • establishing professional relationships and having genuine conversations

  • Reviewing and refining how tech leaders are perceived, internally and externally

  • time management and prioritisation skills to stay on top of 'tech everything, everywhere, all at once'

  • developing self-management and self-awareness techniques for authenticity and impact

  • Practical exercises based on current challenges your tech leaders are facing

IECL Certified Coach

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